The Wall

  • 26 feet tall
4 distinct climbing routes
Up to 80 participants every hour
8 Speed Harnesses to increase turnaround time
400 square feet of climbing area
Wall surface is hand sculpted from fiberglass composite to look and feel like real rock
Space Saver trailer design minimizes the footprint needed for operation
Cllimbing wall set up in just 15 minutes
Meets or exceeds ASTM, CE and other climbing wall standards
Auto-Belay systems is automatic and fully redundant
climbing wall
We are dedicated to your safety and it is our number one concern.. Our modern climbing equipment allows climbers to safely climb and decend without worry.
Staff members are required to complete training before they are allowed to operate the climbing wall.
Climbers must weigh at least 45 lbs and not exceed 250 lbs as well as fit in the harnesseses appropriately.
All equipment is inspected on a regular basis and before every event.